THE INWARD PRACTICES: An Embodied Healing Experience by Candlelight

Event Description

Come in from the cold and give yourself the gift of deep restoration and rejuvenation from the inside-out.
This quiet practice of self-care will include guided meditation, gentle breathwork and passive relaxation through yin and restorative yoga postures informed by the seasonal energy and intended to adequately prepare you to calmly and serenely ride the waves of life.
Joshua’s signature teaching style - soothing, supportive and full of reverence for the practice - will tenderly draw you into a deep state of release. Drawing on yoga philosophy and inspired teachings, sweet soulful music and poetry, and through the power of delicately and lovingly holding space, Joshua invites you to go within and listen deeply to the longing of your own heart’s needs and desires.

Through the practice of Yin Yoga, you will have the opportunity to release the tension and stress in your body by deeply targeting the dense connective tissues of the lower spine, hips, pelvis and hamstrings - all in a safe and mindful manner. Each posture in our yin practice is held for a period of 3-10 minutes, allowing the body to open slowly and safely, leaving the practitioner with an overall feeling of lightness, spaciousness and peace. These long held floor poses work to stimulate the flow of chi/prana/energy through the pathways of the body while providing a still state of reflective mindfulness, encouraging the release of habitual patterns and the restoration of health and vitality to the physical, mental and spiritual body.

Restorative postures will further the deepening of physical and psychoemotional unfolding through the supportive use of props for effortless release.

Yoga Nidra guided visualizations will clarify your intentions and broaden your capacity for inner awareness while the weaving of yoga philosophy teachings will anchor and provide you a framework through which to take your practice off the

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