Rhythmic Movement Training 1 & 2

Event Description

Do you notice certain students who have difficulty participating fully in your yoga classes? Would you like to help your students relax muscle tension easily using some simple rhythmical movements?  Rhythmic Movement Training is viewed as important remedial work to help restore the nervous system in individuals from the bottom up.  Simple rhythmic movements can help to balance the nervous system, leading to new transformation and growth. Retained primitive reflexes can negatively affect the nervous system’s balance and integrity and be manifested in various physical coordination challenges, increased muscle tension as well as emotional and anxiety issues. Retained reflexes vary from individual to individual and may affect a student’s ability to find balance and relaxation within the body’s system. This course will focus on how to identify reflexes which may be affecting students’ abilities to meet their goals and will teach specific movements to achieve a more optimal state within the body. Register today for the the Rhythmic Movement Training 1 & 2 course October 25-27th, 2017 in Toronto. Please visit: http://www.superiortherapyconnections.com/rmt-workshops.html for more information or call Heidi McLarty at Superior Therapy Connections today at 1-705-542-1238 to register. 

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