Yin Yoga Teacher Training 30 hours

Event Description

This 30 hour Yin Yoga teacher Training is over 2 weekends = 24 hours (dates and times at bottom) plus there is 6 hours outside work that must be completed before receiving certificate. 

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist concepts of balancing the Yin and the Yang, the opposite and complementary principles in nature. With our busy lifestyles our bodies tighten up from mental tension and cause all sorts of ailments and lack of mobility leading to discomfort and pain. Yin yoga postures give an opportunity for deeper tissues such as connective and fascia to release long held tensions allowing for the Prana/ life force to flow more easily through previously blocked areas increasing overall energy and well-being. 
Yin Yoga helps us to play our edges, unwind, breath more consciously and turn inward. 
Yin yoga is a wonderful compliment to any other form of yoga or any other activity in our life. 
Benefits of Yin yoga are: 
• Calming and balancing to the mind and body 
• Regulates energy, balances hormones, deeper relaxation 
• Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips 
• Lowers stress levels, reduces anxiety, tmp and migraines 
• Greater stamina, better ability to sit through meditation 
• Better lubrication, protection and flexibility of joints and connective tissue 
* Release of fascia throughout the body

For teachers wanting to expand in class offerings and for yoga practitioners looking to deepen their yoga practice. 

This 30 hour Yin Yoga teacher training includes the retreat offers 30 CEU’s with 
Yoga Alliance and is a valuable addition to your teaching repertoire. 

As a teacher you will learn: 
-to help students ease agitation and promote relaxation 
-explain organic and emotional/energetic benefits of postures
-suggest specific postures therapeutically
-assess comfort of your students
--develop an understanding of the healing process
-offer verbal cues and hands on adjustments
-to re-align and restore the root of imbalance
-to guide students through several series of yin yoga postures

Saturdays June 17th and 24th at 2:30-9pm. Sundays June 18th and 25th at 1-7:30pm
To reserve your spot please send an email transfer deposit of $226 ($200 + hst) to norabenian@mail.com and pay $350 cash upon arrival.


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