Synergy Movements


Synergy Movement was created and developed by Ruth Dargan in 1994. It is a combination of Classical Hatha Yoga, Psychotherapy, Science and Religion. Synergy Movement is a uniquely integrated practice which evolves the human spirit and the biomechanical human body synergistically, creating a powerful resonance between body, mind and spirit which may be felt and sensed in the core of the human experience.

Synergy Movement programs are new approach to physical conditioning. Synergy Movement holistically empowers, strengthens, generates self-confidence, allows for stress management and creates inner peace. The result is, an enhanced self-conscious, self-directed you. Synergy Movement is the combined interaction of the Principles of Practice with the Magic of the Movement. The result effects of this unique combination are a euphoric experience which exceeds the experience of any individual principle on its own. It is an exceptionally unique way of training in that it is taught and learned in four levels allowing participants to grade their own practice with unlimited instructional support. Participants are clear about where they are and where they are headed. The experience of the future always remains a delightful mystery, but the participation in ones evolution is understood.

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